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Platform Roadmap

Focused on building community, open education, and interactive onboarding to the world of Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

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What We Do

UltraSoundFinance is an education platform that aims to educate and empower a community, geared towards professionals, focused on learning and utilizing DeFi applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

We take users from  "No to Go" with walkthroughs and open educational resources, ranging from articles to video lessons and instructionals. These are meant to allow anyone to learn about the DeFi space and all of its uses, both current and future.

Our Vision

There is a growing need for education in DeFi as smart contract technology gains commercial traction. Many professionals are familiar with the idea of blockchain technologies, but lack the technical insight needed to develop on the platform.

We want to introduce professionals to the possibilities of using decentralized applications within their industries to innovate and disrupt.

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Platform & Community Roadmap

Platform Roadmap

✅ Stage 1.1: Create up-to-date open DeFi education courses for basic concepts

✅ Stage 1.2: Create & operate interactive workshops to provide easier onboarding into DeFi

 ☐  Stage 1.3: Advertise DeFi education to traditional outlets, organizations, and a wide range of demographics

 ☐  Stage 2.1: Directly educate and onboard new graduate level programmers into the DeFi ecosystem by partnering directly with local institutions (i.e. Universities, local communities, engineering institutions, etc.)

 ☐  Stage 2.2: Establish platform analytics & directly improve our technical capabilities to become the most effective global DeFi education platform

Community Roadmap

✅ Stage 1.1: Consistently grow and compile DeFi community resources

 ☐  Stage 1.2: Establish a community space for platform innovation & content creation with the introduction of USF forums & discord server

 ☐  Stage 1.3: Creation of USF community newsletter, podcast, and community articles

 ☐  Stage 2.1: Introduction of USF DAO & governance token; allowing for the creation of a democratized growth model

 ☐  Stage 2.2: Organize & host annual international DeFi innovation events 

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Open Opportunities


These positions involve developing visual learning materials such as educational videos, infographics, flowcharts, DeFi app visual summaries, worksheets, etc.

Help us develop and expand DeFi educational content, create more free courses, and grow the community through accessible education.


These positions involve managing social media accounts, setting up advertisements for Ethereum-based DeFi DApps, engaging with multiple communities, organizing remote & in-person events, etc.


Help us advertise the world of DeFi and grow the community by directly onboarding new users.


These positions involve researching new developments in the DeFi ecosystem, summarizing blockchain analytics, providing stats for educational content, calculating course performance metrics, etc.

Help us learn more about others and ourselves to improve, grow, and develop new effective educational methods. 


These positions involve developing new technical solutions & tools to progress through our community and platform roadmaps with minimal frictions points.


Help us code, develop, launch and improve our technical capabilities to become the most effective global DeFi education platform.

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